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D.S. Cakes & Sweet Cafe

Rainbow Sprinkles

Where Everything is Fresh from Scratch

Come visit us at the Sweet Cafe located in Newbury, Ohio where everything is fresh from scratch and made with love! We offer a delicious breakfast and lunch Cafe menu as well as a large selection of cakes, cookies, muffins, candies and treats. Let us cater your event, party or wedding. The Sweet Cafe can make your event extra special… and delicious!

Rainbow Sprinkles

About Us

My name is Diane Schneider and I have been a professional baker and cake decorator since 1990.

Although I have worked in the food industry most my life, it was when I was 25 years old that I decided to start up a business which allowed me to spend more time at home while raising a family.

The first glimpse of my future began when I was a very young girl fascinated with my olive green Easy Bake oven that baked everything with the heat of a small light bulb. I loved playing with food, experimenting with ingredients on my siblings and creating recipes. I admit I felt like a little food scientist, soon I was using my Mom’s big oven. I often pretended to run a small restaurant/ bakery from my Mom’s kitchen. My younger sisters and brothers were my employees. I come from a family of 10 so we had a lot of customers at our home.

Little did I know, I would eventually own a very large commercial oven, start a business, become a professional baker / cake decorator, design and create 2000 wedding cakes along with thousands of other cakes and cookies etc. And now in 2014 I opened a Bakery Cafe in Newbury, Ohio. With the help of many others we can now bake, create and serve so many others in our unique bakery.

I have been blessed abundantly with an amazing supportive husband, children, family and friends. I thank God everyday for giving me so much love and so much talent to share with others.

Thanks for Coming to!



The D.S. Story continues.....

I am the D and the S.

My name is Diane Schneider and this is the next part of my business journey.


Over the last 8 years the bakery café grew in many ways. Our cake and dessert offerings multiplied and became more popular, especially our polish cheesecake, carrot cake bites, peanut butter bars and cupcakes.


Our breakfast and lunch menus expanded in size and popularity. Customer favorites - turkey Reubens, breakfast wraps, quiche and our delicious soups. As our customer base grew, our business grew and our staff grew. We did a whole lot of business in that small kitchen, so it became time to grow our space.


It's now 2023 and D.S. Cakes and Sweet Café has grown into a larger bakery café with much more to offer. We expanded our kitchen and bakery space. We fine-tuned our menus with some new items and kept many customer favorites.


We expanded our catering options, and we also now have a party room for rent, up to 50 guests. The overall new decor keeps a little of the white and black vintage look from the old space with the addition of a metal industrial and natural wood look. We have a beautiful unique space with custom made tables and shelving by local craftsmen Jacob Schnedier and Ben Elia.


As the owner of this bakery café I am so very proud, thankful and blessed.


Proud to operate my business here in my home town of Newbury, the small town with a big heart. Proud that I can share my gifts and talents with others.


Thankful for the many customers who come back time and again to patronize this small business.


Blessed with so much love, help and support from my husband, children and friends.

Blessed with amazing employees who work so hard for me and the success of this business, my employees are my friends.

Blessed by our Lord Jesus Christ with him by our side-we can do anything.


Thank you!


D.S. Cakes & Sweet Cafe has wonderful, healthy food choices and awesome baked goods, served by friendly staff and in a charming atmosphere. Thank you D.S. Cakes for sharing your talents with the community.

– Mary M.


Contact Us

11130 Kinsman Road
Newbury, Ohio 44065

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